December 25th

Phil celebrated Christmas morning with his own family. Stella was surprised by the gifts that appeared under her tree from all her new friends.

December 24th

Phil spent Christmas eve with all his friends: Monkey, Stella, and the Tetris. Stella made up for lost time by making every monkey Christmas delicacy. Emily did not enjoy the banana themed Christmas meal...

December 23rd

After a fun day of playing with Phil, the tonttu and the reindeer, Stella realized she hadn't even noticed the cold. Phil decided that was a sign that it was time to head home.

December 22nd

After landing at Korvatunturi, the tonttu showed Stella all around. They explained that Christmas is about believing, and that it's about enjoying being with the ones you love.

December 21st

Joulupukki took Stella and Phil up in the sleigh. They flew over families of all sizes, happy to prepare for Christmas, over friends spending time together. They saw people of all ages excited for Christmas to come.

December 20th

Joulupukki and Phil sat down with Stella to talk. Joulupukki began to explain that sometimes, there are wishes he can't grant, that he can't change what other people are going to do. Stella said she stopped believing in Christmas after not getting a sibling. She had thought none of it was real.

December 19th

Joulupukki and Phil arrived and knocked. Stella opened the door, took one look at Joulupukki, and her jaw dropped.

December 18th

Joulupukki decided it was time for a personal visit and packed up the sleigh with lots of korvapuustis for the flight. Phil climbed aboard with a large bag of fish. Off they went.

December 17th

Stella had wished for a sibling. There were no more wishes after that. Joulupukki turned to Phil, and with sadness in his voice, he explained "There are some wishes we just can't grant." 

December 16th

Joulupukki stood there, calling Stella's name. Phil could feel the rush of wind around him and the sound of Stella's voice surrounded them. Wishing for a banana tree, wishing for a new tree house, wishing for a new hammock. Her last wish was the most surprising...

December 15th

Joulupukki had an idea. He took Phil back into a secret room off the study. The room was filled with so many whispers that Phil's head hurt with the buzz. This room was where Joulupukki stored every wish any child had ever whispered.

December 14th

Phil sat down with Joulupukki and Joulupukkin Vaimo and told them all about the troubles with Stella (all while eating korvapuustis and drinking coffee, of course)

December 13th

On his way to Korvatunturi, Phil stopped to say hi to all the little merimörkö.

December 12th

Worried about the biggest Grinch in his life, Phil headed to Korvatunturi for a little advice.

December 11th

Phil decided to give Stella one last chance at being good at Christmas. He put a fire in the fireplace and put on It's a Wonderful life. She called it stupid. And didn't even worry during Prancer, or laugh during Life of Brian.

December 10th

Ready for some wintery weather, Phil went up to Madison to go caroling with some of his animal friends. Maybe taking Milly the dog, Tucker the dog, Dexter the cat, and Zack the rabbit caroling together wasn't the best idea. Harmonizing wasn't even their biggest problem.

December 9th

Phil, Monkey, Laura and Päivi ate an entire box of peppermint bark. Stella turned her nose up at the idea of peppermint and turned up the volume on Toddlers and Tiaras.

December 8th

Phil, Chester and Milly went to listen to the Samuel Christmas Cantata. Nothing like some beautiful Christmas music.

December 7th

Phil, Monkey, and Stella took Milly, Livi, and Zoe to the Christmas Market to buy a creche. They lost Milly and Phil at the Fish stand. Stella sat on a bench, complaining that her monkey feet weren't meant for walking in the cold. Monkey decided to call this trip a failure.

December 6th

 Phil was getting a little frustrated by Stella's unwillingness to participate in Christmas, so he spent the day with his Puffin lady-friend and they sang christmas carols while fishing.

December 5th

Phil spent the day making christmas cookies with Fin and Waffle. While Emily and Tinah cleaned up, Phil, Fin and Waffle delivered cookies to their friends. Stella wouldn't even try them.

December 4th

Monkey and Monkey's girlfriend, Stella, came over to help decorate the tree. Monkey and Phil cheerily put up lights and ornaments. Stella poutily played candy crush on her iPad.

December 3rd

Phil spent all morning preparing a birthday fish! He then wrapped it very carefully and delivered it to a special Päivi.

December 2nd

Phil got up early to go Christmas tree cutting with Monkey and his new girlfriend. She wasn't too excited by romping around in the cold...

December 1st

Phil groggily opened his eyes when suddenly he realized, it's Advent!