Day 25

Dec 25th:
Phil spent Christmas day with his family in Antarctica. Suzy (his baby sister), Ben (his brother), his mom (Helen), his dad (Arthur) and Grand-Pop (Leopold) all exchanged their presents and had breakfast fish.
Merry Christmas!

The end of Phil's advent! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Thanks for reading! :)

Day 24

Dec 24th:
Phil spent Christmas Eve with his human family and two dogs, cooking, eating, and reading in front of the fire.

Day 23

Dec 23rd
Phil helped Laura run last minute errands including buying a raclette machine and going to the bakery. Every time Laura turned her back, fish seemed to appear in the shopping cart....

Day 22- aka sister switch day

Day 22:
Phil started practicing his singing so he would be ready for "Go Tell it on the Mountain" on Christmas. Then he called Neal to make sure it was going to be played.

Drawing by Laura, Prompt by Emily

Day 21

Day 21:
On the 21st day, Phil realized he was going in circles. He could not
get closer to the mountain he thought was the home to Korvatunturi. So
he abandoned the search.

Day 20

Day 20:
Phil knew he was getting close, he thought he saw elves (tonttu)
peeking out from behind trees occasionally and could have sworn he saw
a reindeer flying at night.

Day 19

Day 19:
On the 19th day, Phil searched and searched and all he found was snow.
Snow on snow. Snow on snow.

Day 18

Day 18:
On the 18th day of Advent, Phil arrived in Lapland to start his search
for Joulupukki and discovered that there sure were a lot of reindeer.

Day 17

Day 17:
Phil had a layover in Philadelphia and went to visit Aileen to help
her finish her final paper. However, she did not find the detailed
illustrations of different fish species especially helpful for her
paper on the ancient novel.

Day 16

Day 16:
Phil wanted a short break from the snow, so he went down to LA. After
hours of begging, Emily and Jessica took him out to sushi and then to
the LA fish market to buy Christmas presents for his family.

Day 15

Day 15:
Phil spent an entire day doing some Christmas cleaning while listening
to Dick Dale.

Day 14

Dec 14th:
Phil went to watch the Samuel children in the Christmas pageant and
thought his friend Doni did an amazing job with directing.

Ah yes, the singing tiger. Traditional in the UCC. All I knew was that there were a lot of animals in this years pageant.
My apologies to Doni for that drawing of her. :)
And yeah, it would appear that Pippi Longstocking is starring as the camel...

Day 13

Dec 13th:
Phil and Monkey decided to take HornDog (Monkey's dog) for a walk
through the woods in the fresh snow. While Phil and HornDog greatly
enjoyed themselves, Monkey isn't quite adjusted to winter.

Day 12

Dec 12th:
Once all the lights and ornaments were on, they attempted tinsel. Monkey and Phil
came to the conclusion that their human friends had the right idea in
abandoning tinsel for icicle ornaments...

Day 11

Day 11:
Phil's tree was finally ready to be decorated. After a while of
attempting to put lights on the tree, Phil called Monkey. To be continued.....

Day 10

Dec 10th:
Phil decided that it was time to get a Christmas tree. After picking
out the perfect tree and bringing it home, he was sad to discover that
you can't start decorating it immediately, you have to let it settle.
So he sat to watch it settle, and sat and sat and zzzzzzz......

Augh! Sorry these keep coming in late! I have work every day and stuff going on every night! It's crazy around here!

Day 9

Dec 9th:
The afternoon of the 9th, Phil had a sudden realization: he had
forgotten to send his letter to Santa Claus. So he sat down and wrote
his letter and shipped it off to Korvatunturi.

Day 8

Dec 8th:
On the 8th day, Phil spent the entire morning snuggled under the
covers of his bed, and woke up with bed head and the grumpies.
Luckily, a little fish solved everything.

I had a similar day to Phil that day. And then I forgot the drawings at work so I had to wait a day to get them! I think the haphazardness of them reflects the mood of me and Phil.

Day 7

Dec 7:
On the 7th day of advent, Monkey came over and helped Phil set up his crèche.

I don't really know what that article of clothing is that Mary-Penguin is wearing... and it kind of looks more like Monkey and Phil are playing action figures.

But see how the wise men are Emperor penguins? Like... Kings? Three Kings... Yeah? Yeah?

Day 6

Dec 6:
On the morn of St. Nicholas' Day, since Phil had not left out a shoe (how many penguins do you know that wear shoes), he was surprised to find that St. Nick had left him a fishsicle by the door anyway.

Day 5

Dec 5th:
On the 5th day of Advent, Phil sat in front of his Fish treat advent calendar and used all his will power not to open every door.

Day 4

"Dec 4th: Phil, being a bird of sorts, decorated the trees outside with ribbons for the local birds to weave into their holiday nests and also seeds as a special Christmas treat for his fellow feathered friends."

Day 3

"Dec 3rd: As Advent is all about preparing for the birth of Jesus, Phil thought it would be best to celebrate another birthday. He even brought the birthday fish."

Day 2

"Dec 2nd: Phil awoke in the morning to fresh snow. He immediately called Monkey to go sledding."

Day 1

"Dec 1st:
On the first day of advent, Phil decided to start the preparations with cookies, Jesus likes cookies right? Unfortunately, its hard to crack an egg when all you have is flippers...."