December 25th

With not a kid forgotten, Phil and all his friends could all relax, open presents and indulge in Christmas cheer.

December 24th

Phil, Tinah, Waffle, Stella, Monkey, Billybob, Milly, Fin, Merimörkö, the little wallaby, Bella, of course the Tetris, and all their friends and families spent Christmas eve delivering presents at top speed. Maybe they did have a little of Joulupukki's magic....

December 23rd

Phil and the tontut spent the day making the largest pot of coffee ever seen for Christmas eve so they would be speedy in delivering presents.

December 22nd

Phil went to visit his puffin friend, but rather than be fun, he slept for 24 hours straight. He only woke up when she poked him with a stick to make sure he was still living. 

December 21st

Phil went back to Korvatunturi and let Joulupukki know that the presents had been dispersed around the world with all his friends who were standing by with their families ready to deliver the presents on Christmas eve. 

December 20th

Getting down to the wire, Phil hurried a load down to his friend Bella the giraffe in the serengeti, where he promptly got chased out of the watering hole when he tried to swim with the hippos. 

December 19th

Phil was getting worried about time. So Merimörkö swam a load down to Australia. A little wallaby stowed away on the way back, so Merimörkö had to loop back and drop him off with his very worried parents.

December 18th

After stopping by Korvatunturi to pick up more presents, Phil headed to the United States. Phil and Fin drove a semi-truck all over the country delivering presents to different store rooms. Upon returning, Jake's dad found it full of salmon jerky wrappers. 

[Note: Emily had to finish a big project over the last two days, so Fin graciously drew today's. Thank you, Fin.]

December 17th

After trekking all day, they found Phil's childhood friend Billybob, the snow leopard. While he can be elusive to find, he had a great cave for stashing all the presents for kids on the subcontinent. Phil was exhausted and relaxed after hauling presents. Milly just wanted to chase Billybob around the slopes.

December 16th

Phil picked up more presents, and was off to the Himalaya to drop off presents. This time he brought Milly, always good to have a half-Yeti-half-Dog when in the Himalaya. 

December 15th

Next stop was to drop off presents with Monkey and his family in the Yucatan. Monkey had a great idea: since they lived in trees and had no where to store presents, they would store them in Mayan ruins in the jungle. 

December 14th

After unloading all the presents for French children, Stella showed Phil all around Paris at Christmas time. He thought that it could use significantly more fish-based christmas foods.

December 13th

After loading up the sleigh, Phil took off for Paris, where Stella was studying abroad for the semester.

December 12th

Waffle took Phil to the night market to pick up all of her favorite street foods for the ride back to Korvatunturi. Octopus balls and fish cakes galore!

December 11th

Phil and Waffle dropped the presents off at Tinah's aunt's roof. Seemed like a safe place. Well, Phil and TInah's family unloaded. Waffle and Tinah just cuddled.

December 10th

The reindeer, tontut and Phil loaded up the sleigh for Taiwanese children (apparently, their presents get made first), and Phil headed off to deliver the presents to Tinah (and pick up Waffle on the way).

December 9th

They came up with a plan: as Phil didn't have Joulupukki's magic to travel everywhere in one night, over the next few weeks, Phil would fly the presents to different drop spots all over the world, where he would store the presents with his friends. His friends would help deliver all the presents on Christmas night.

December 8th

Joulupukki, Joulupukin Vaimo, and Phil worked on a plan while eating korvapuustis and drinking coffee. A giant catapult to launch presents to kids? Using owls to deliver presents (Joulupukki has been reading Harry Potter while laid up)? The tontut wouldn't be much help, they're too small... 

December 7th

Phil went in to see Joulupukki. He had two broken legs. He chuckled while explaining to Phil that you should not go off a ski jumping jump on cross country skis, no matter who dares you.

December 6th

Joulupukin Vaimo (and all the tontut) met them outside. She explained that Joulupukki was laid up and they didn't know how to deliver the presents. 

December 5th

Phil arrived in Finland, and the reindeer met him at the sea. They flew him back to Korvatunturi. Rudolf was so nervous about why Phil had been called so urgently that he kept biting his hooves.

December 4th

Phil hurried and caught a ride on a sea turtle towards Finland. Half way there, he switched to a dolphin. Sea turtles aren't exactly ones for a urgent ride.

December 3rd

Phil and the tontut showed up with a birthday fish for Päivi. While they were drinking tea, and Phil was eating birthday fish (luckily, he never seems to notice that nobody else eats it), a letter arrived. It read: "Phil! Tule nopeasti! Joulupukki tarvitsee apuasi!" Päivi translated it for him "Phil! Come quick! Joulupukki needs your help!"

December 2nd

Waffle, Fin and Milly took the tontut and Phil all around Madison. The tontut didn't seem to think the important sights were the dog parks and the butchers, but that's what happens when your tour guides are dogs.

December 1st

Phil woke up on the first morning of advent to a tonttu jumping up and down on his round penguin belly. Advent is here!!!