December 25th

Phil spent Christmas morning with his family... not making cookies. (PS One not so little rabbit, was quite happy to get his carrot cake cookies magically delivered on Christmas morning)

December 24th

Phil managed to get back up to St Louis in time to spend Christmas eve with his human family (and dogs). 

December 23rd

With the last batch of cookies packed and ready, Phil embarked on the long swim down to Argentina where he delivered the undecorated cutout cookies to the Casados. Emma, Tomàs, Celina, and Phil had a great afternoon of decorating cookies. 

December 22nd

Phil hurried the extra large batch of peanut butter blossoms to Brooklyn for Emily S and Aileen. Unsurprisingly, he demanded a delivery fee of sushi..... 

December 21st

Phil, Fin, and Waffle spent the day making a few last batches to be delivered. Emily and Tinah voted that next year the trio that lacks opposable thumbs will cook in someone else's kitchen.

December 20th

Phil headed back to LA, because he thought he might have left a fish there (okay fine, he thought he could convince Emily to take him back to Sugarfish sushi again). While in LA, he whipped up a batch of super late hanukkah cookies for Jessica.

December 19th

Phil brought snicker doodles to Doni and Scott and Chester. Doni did not approve of his fish scent, and gave him a serious bath.

December 18th

Now that Christmas was coming fast, Phil realized he needed to hop to on the cookie making. He headed to St Louis and recruited Brent in making mass quantities of snickerdoodles and spritz for all of his St Louis friends. The Tetris seem to think those are the only two types of Christmas cookies

December 17th

Phil made Milly and Charlie go down to the lakes to fish. Milly stood on the shore totally not understanding why anybody would want to swim. 

December 16th

Phil swung by Madison and got to work on cookies for both his human and dog friends. Snickerdoodles for Laura, Jake, and Emily Z and salmon cookies for Milly and Charlie... 
Well, he helped eat those too.
Okay, so he had to make a second batch after he ate the first one..

December 15th

Phil decided it was time to get around to visiting other friends, and said goodbye to all of his buddies in Korvatunturi and headed out with his sack of fish and korvapuustis from Joulupukkin Vaimo.

December 14th

The reindeer were feeling a little left out, so Phil made a specially concocted birch cookies with moss and lichen sprinkles. There were no complaints heard in the barn.

December 13th

With help from Joulupukkin Vaimo and Joulupukki, Phil made all six types of cookies--tonttu sized!

December 12th

Phil convinced the tontut to settle on six different types of cookies, and after a drawn out voting process, they had picked: spritz, Mexican wedding cake cookies, chrusciki bow tie cookies (from Poland), Chinese almond cookies, raspberry linzer cookies (from Austria) and glazed pfeffernuesse (from Germany. None of the tontut had ever had them, but they won solely based on their name). 

December 11th

Phil then stopped by Korvatunturi to Joulupukki, Joulupukkin Vaimo, and all the tontut. All the tontut wanted different types of cookies, such is the problem with being educated about children of many different cultures.

December 10th

While up in the northernlands of the world, Phil swam up to see Merimörkö and his family. The 13 little sea monsters were getting quite large. It took Phil all day to make enough batches of kelpchip cookies to satisfy these growing sea monsters!

December 9th

Needless to say, Phil's Puffin lady-friend absolutely loved her fishickerdoodles. She and Phil spent the day eating cookies and rewriting Christmas songs to include fish.

December 8th

Phil spent the whole day fishing to get the best fish for his new salmon-mackerel-cod snickerdoodle recipe. He was determined to wow his Puffin lady-friend.

December 7th

Phil and Monkey headed to Stella's house to make her delicious banana nut cookies. Phil, having learned from Emily, did not appreciate the banana flavor.

December 6th

Phil decided to make oatmeal raisin cookies for Tinah. Though, half way through he decided LA was too hot for cookie making, and so, he sat in a sink full of ice water and supervised Emily making cookies.

December 5th

Phil started with liver and chicken gingerbread dogs for Waffle and Fin. They had no complaints about his new recipe. 

December 4th

Phil decided to use this advent to bring cookies to all his different friends, so he spent the day coming up with different recipes for each friend. Laura had to remind him that not everybody wants fish flavored cookies.

December 3rd

Phil delivered an extra large birthday fish to Päivi and they spent the day drinking tea and snuggling on the couch.

December 2nd

After the past years of too much adventure, Phil was ready for a calm advent. So, he spent the day working on knitting fish shaped ornaments for his christmas tree.

December 1st

Phil woke up with a tingling in his toes! It's advent!

(A side note, Phil is going back to his roots this year - this whole thing started as pen and ink drawings for my sister, we're both so busy this year, we thought we'd bring back the pen and ink doodles)